The Helmet Manufacture in Europe

CASCO is a company that since its founding in 1989 has focused squarely on producing top quality products with exceptional flair. This philosophy has proved effective, as CASCO now ranks among the market leaders in the design and production of high-end helmets and glasses.
But CASCO is after more than just amazingly well-thought out design concepts. It‘s also concentrated on innovation.
At the development and production site in Satu Mare, solutions are developed with a lot of time and commitment to make wearing helmets as safe, comfortable and flexible as possible. Their efforts have led to numerous patents and awards.
CASCO also understands the importance of corporate social responsibility beyond the product itself. This includes the company‘s conscious decision to produce all of its products in Europe. Sales and service are managed from the site in Bretnig /Germany. The careful use of natural reserves is also important to CASCO.
With two of our own combined heat and power plants at the Satu Mare production site, electricity and heat are produced exactly where they are needed. If the energy produced by the combined heat and power plants is not sufficient, the additional electricity is generated with the help of solar systems.

This allows CASCO to guarantee outstanding quality at all times and good working conditions for its employees. Of course, all our products fulfil the European safety standards and are subject to the permanent monitoring of certified authorities. CASCO is ISO-certified, which ensures a quality control at every step of production.
The company also founded an animal shelter directly next to the company‘s plant in Satu Mare, which has to date been financed through the company‘s own money. CASCO also actively promotes amateur and professional sports. Many world class athletes put their trust in CASCO at the Olympics, world championships and European competitions for winter, bicycle and equestrian sports.