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Does CASCO offer a replacement service for helmets that have been through an accident?

Yes, for many of its models CASCO offers a new helmet at 50% off the MSRP, presuming the damaged helmet has not been in use for more than one year and truly was damaged as part of an accident. To check this, please send the damaged helmet, the following form (completely filled out) and a copy of the original purchase receipt for the helmet, with date of purchase visible, to this address:

Stichwort: Austauschservice
Gewerbering Süd 11
01900 Bretnig

You will then receive a discount code for our online shop by e-mail. You can order a new helmet directly from the currently available range.

Download formular Austauschservice

Download formular Austauschservice

Please send the package POSTAGE PAID, as otherwise we cannot accept the package.