Power Light 500 Vario

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    The new CASCO firefighting torch with 350 lumens brightness and zone 1 approval!

    • Power Light 500 Vario Art.Nr: 08.5035.04
    • Size: 13,4 cm / Ø 3,4 cm
  • Features

    Light source:

    High performance Cree-LED




    Zone 1

    II 2 G Ex ib IICT4

    II 2 D Ex ibD 21 T 135°C, IP67

    Area of Application

    Approved for gas-atmosphare or explosive dusts


    lenght 13,4cm, 0 3,4cm


    ca. 150g incl. battery


    lithium polymer chargeable batteries


    -  charging in two speeds possible (0.5 and 1 amps); normal speed for maximum number of charging cycles; fast for short term use

    - with USB and micro-USB connection for various charging options

    Smart Safety

    Automatic reduction of the luminosity to protect against overheating of the lamp (ambient temperature plus continuous operation).

    Blinking function:


    Light angle:

    adjustable (wide angle or spot)


    adjustable from 125 to 500 lumens

    Operating time:

    4-10 hours (depending on brightness)

    Beam distance

    max. 141m

    Important: before first usage, please fully charge the battery in 1 amp mode.

  • Standards

    Approval Standards

    • Zone 1
    • II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4
    • II 2 D Ex ibD 21 T 135°C, IP67