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How long is the guarantee on my helmet or sunglasses/goggles?

CASCO offers a 24 month guarantee on all of its helmets and sunglasses/goggles. This covers only errors in the material or workmanship; products damaged through use, wear or accidents are not covered. For helmets involved in accidents you can use our replacement service. For issues with helmets or sunglasses/goggles that are covered by the guarantee, please bring the CASCO product back to the specialised dealer where you purchased them. The claim will then be processed as quickly as possible. If direct contact with the dealer is not possible, then please fill out the following formula and return to us:

Download formular replacement

We‘ll review your statement as soon as possible and contact you about how to proceed. In the event that we request that you send us the damaged product, please be aware of the following conditions:
Mark the damaged spot on the product and include a description of the product in the package.
Please send the returned product POSTAGE PAID, as otherwise we cannot accept the package.