Kirsten Sieber
Nation: GER
Sports: Dressage
Nickname: Kiki, Kirsti
Date of birth: 22.11.1988
Height: 1,74 m
Major achievements: European champion team Pony, 2004
Vice-European champion Young Horses, 2008
Vice-European champion Young Horses free style, 2008
2nd German champion Young Horses 2008
Vice-European champion team Young Horses, 2009
2nd Worldcup final Young Horses, 2010
2nd World Dressage Masters Munich, 2011
Sieg Nationenpreis U-25 Aachen, 2012
Hobbies: running, reading, meeting friends
Favorite food: Salat with gambas
What do I do two hours before the race? I get dressed and in my mind I review my exercise.
After that I head to the stable for cleaning and saddling my horse.
During that I get mental prepared.
5 words describing me: Determined, organized, reliable, disciplined
My biggest dream: My biggest dream is that my family and my horses stay healthy.
Everything else sorts on its own.