Pauline Sophie Grabosch
Nation: GER
Sports: Track Cycling/ Short time
Nickname: Friends: Pauli
Family: Powerline
Date of birth: 14.01.1998
Height: 1,77 m
Major achievements: Results 2015:
4 x Silver German Championships
1 x Gold + 2 x Silver European Championships
2 x Gold World Championships
- World record 500m: 34,657 sek
- World record Teamsprint: 33,899 sek
Junior athlete of the year in team scoring (Deutsche Sporthilfe) Elite student of the year 2015 (DOSB)
Hobbies: Cycling is the priority and everything relatet with it takes the largest part in the timetable. But I spend as much time as possible with friends and family. Travelling is now part of the sport, but I see it as a hobby.
Favorite food: Everything delicious! I like to taste.
What do I do two hours before the race? I listen to music. I concentrate myself on the competition and get prepared for it.
5 words describing me: Ambitious, emotional, crazy, friendly, self-critical
My biggest dream: As athlete you dream to start at the Olympic Games! And I dream of conquering the big wold of cycling sports after the Juniors and to start in Tokyo 2020!
Motto: Success is not a straight street. It is a staircase with higher and lower steps that you can and have to fight with.