Vico Merklein
Nation: GER
Sport: Handcycling
Nickname: There isn´t one, Vico is special enough :)
Date of birth: 12.08.1977
Height: 1,83m and sitting 1,55m :-D
Major achievements: German Champion in time race + road race 2013 + 2015,
Vice-World champion in time race + road race 2013 + 2015
1st road race world cup Segovia (Esp) 2014,
1st of marathon in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Mannheim and Berlin 2013,
New world record in marathon distance, 00:58:56 h 2013,
2nd Paralympics London 2012,
2010 to 2014: overall winner of the HT-race series (Handbike Trophy)
Hobbies: Very simple I changed my hobby into my job so handbikesports ;-)
Favorite food: Very simple roasted noodels, you don´t believe how you miss that, when you have all the time hotel food.
What do I do two hours before the race? I start to be nervous, that’s good otherwise the passion wouldn´t be with me anymore.
5 words describing me: Chatty, passionate, hungry, precise and funny
My biggest dream: Really I have to say peace all over the world but actually it is gold at Olympic games