Cuda 2 STRADA Sport

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    Whether sporty, urban, or casual that offers "strada" fantastic comfort & ventilation.

    Cuda 2 STRADA Sport Art.Nr. 04.1634
    • 140 €
    • Sizes: 52-54 cm = S, 54-58 cm = M, 59-62 cm = L
    • Helmet weight: 310 g (size M)
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    Spirit-6 Crystal | Casco Helme

    CASCO MyStyle - Fahrradhelme (bike helmets)

    Tom Barrer Ride Annecy



    CASCO Loc - Richtig Einstellen (How to operate)

    CASCO MyStyle - Streifen wechseln (change stripes)

  • Standards

    Approval Standards

    The helmet shown here is a safety product of the CASCO brand and is manufactured according to strict quality controls at our family-owned manufactory in Europe. Please use the helmet only for sports and areas of application that are approved according to the safety standard on the label inside the helmet and observe the regulations for your country.
    Please read the instructions for use carefully. Mishandling of the helmet can lead to serious injury or even to death. No longer use the helmet if you have the suspicion the helmet may be damaged, this is especially the case when the helmet was subjected to a blow. The helmet wearer is solely responsible for his actions. CASCO International GmbH takes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by inappropriate use of the helmet.

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    Stripes each Color/Size
    9,95 €

    Bandana CASCO
    Art.Nr. 02.1000.3
    9,00 €
    Helmet clean / Helmet fresh
    each 100 ml Spray
    Art.Nr: 02.4001.10INT / 02.4002.10INT
    9,95 €
    • WORLD OF MTB 6/2015

      WORLD OF MTB 6/2015

      Cascos Cuda Mountain stands out from the crowd, next to the round optic by some very interesting features. Two elastic bands, called "safety reflect-line" are reflective and can be replaced with other colors. It takes shortly to get used to the lock, but once understood how it works, it can be opened fast as a flash; furthermore no annoying belts are hanging around. The covered area is quite large and the helmet gets best values for all tests, even in the roll-off test it remains relatively well on the testing head. Nevertheless Casco revised already the strap system according to their testimony, to minimize further the shift backwards. With this revision the Cuda Mountain is a prime candidate for the test victory
      We didn´t have the Cuda Mountain up on the screen before our test, when it comes to AllMountain and Enduro helmets. The helmet delivers very good results in all tests, furthermore it´s produced in Europe.

    • Mountain Bike 5/ 2015

      Mountain Bike 5/ 2015
      The new, highly comfortable carrying system of the light Casco hampered a little the ventilation. The adjustment is easily, the belt triangles are however not adjustable.
      Test result: very good
      Note from CASCO: the strap system is deliberately fixed to avoid incorrect settings and to prevent adjustment while wearing.



      At first glance, the CUDA Mountain from CASCO looks a bit like a riding helm. It swoops down low to offer strong protection for the nape of the neck. There's also very good ventilation, with deep channels for air flow and thick, central cushioning to provide a bit of distance. The adjustment mechanism on the neck works using a dial, although the CUDA actually fit most of the testers the first time they put it on their heads.
      A technically impressive helmet with good ventilation and which is very comfortable to wear.
      Test Winner, Trail Helmets



      The prestigious German brand CASCO has brought out a helmet designed specially for Enduro. At PLANET MTB we have tested this model thoroughly in order to tell you what we think of it.
      Although the name CASCO for a make of helmets (cascos in Spanish) and eyewear may seem like a tautology, it is one of the most important brands in Europe in this field. From its factories in Germany the company has been making a name for itself for over 20 years, thanks to its production quality and development record. Now CASCO products are available in Spain through the Madrid-based distributor Jets Marivent
      These highly specialised manufacturers of helmets for horse riding, skiing, and even emergency services such as fire brigades, are bringing out some really attractive products in their cycling range (we recommend you take a look at their website and check out the specific time trial helmets). We tried out the CUDA MOUNTAIN model, and here are the test details.
      We used the helmet on around 20 outings, alternating between XC Marathon rides and road runs of over 70 km, as well as Enduro around the Bike Park at La Fenasosa.
      Fortunately we were not able to check the helmet for toughness or effectiveness against stones, as we did not have any falls. However, we can tell you how comfortable and well ventilated it is. Above all, with this helmet, in this colour, you are bound to be noticed.

      The main feature I very much appreciate is that it breaks with the current look in helmets. A shorter, more robust visor, a different adjustment system and bold styling make this CASCO a great choice for people who want to stand out from the crowd. The other thing I really like is that it is conspicuous, it is highly visible. Moreover, it includes reflective bands to keep cyclists safer in poor light conditions. As you know, people in Europe do a lot of MTB in the winter months when it is getting dark, and CASCO’s engineers and designers have come up with a system of interchangeable rubber reflectors. These are available in several colours, so you can customise your helmet however you like.

      This helmet is definitely ideal for All Mountain or Enduro-style MTB rides. Although it is light and very well ventilated, it is also extremely well padded inside (and therefore very comfortable) and its proportions at the back, in the neck protection area, are more like helmets designed to withstand heavy impacts.