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    The CASCO SX-34 is an uncompromising sportive eyewear and ideal for all sports where wind or endurance play a role. The perfectly ventilated lens is designed to provide maximum lateral and vertical field of view, thus guaranteeing a clear vision in every direction. The CASCO FlexFit temples offer excellent fit for secure grip and comfort. Even in wintry low temperatures they stay flexable. These sports glasses can also be worn comfortably under any helmet.

    Art.Nr: 09.1302.30
    90 €
  • Features

    Key Benefits

    • Adjustable nose pad: The flexibly adjustable nose pad guarantees a comfortable fit during sports.
    • The CASCO FlexFit temples offer a secure grip and high wearing comfort. Even in wintry low temperatures they stay flexable.
    • Helmet compatible: Can be comfortably worn with most helmet models
    • 100% UV-A,B,C protection
    • Particularly well ventilated lens by ventilation openings, which ensure that the air can always circulate freely and thus prevents fogging of the glasses.
    • Lens exchange option: Quick and safe replacement of the lens thanks to the interchangeable lens system.
    • Includes storage bag with cleaning function
  • Lens Technology
    SX-61 Bicolor | Casco