PF 1000 Extreme

  • Product benefits

    Helmet type B - Product benefits:

    • The PF 1000 Extreme meets the high standard DIN EN 443:2008, helmet type B and withstand three times longer than required in EN 443
    • CASCO hard-fiberglass-shell is extremely high durable
    • New: Sizewheel with quick access by magnet protection flap
    • Washable, sealed PU-inner shell. This can be removed without leaving any residue harmful soot deposits.
    • New: Comfort interior, 3-dimensional adjustable
    • Large integrated panoramic face shield that can be fully retracted into the shell of the helmet
    • New: Additional eye protection visor, fully retractable (optional)
    • Integrated neck protector (nomex with kevlar)
    • Compact, ergonomic design
    • Excellent hearing and acoustics
    • Easy use of mobile phones and radio set, as well as commercially available respirators

    • Sizes: 52-64 cm = UNI
    • Weight: 1450g to 1600g
    • * Special colors available on request

    PF 1000 Extreme Features

    Additional requirements for entire helmet

    Visor EN 14458:2018

    Optional Eye protection

    Interior features

    Outer shell

    Closed helmet shell


    Safety release

    Service life and maintenance

    Standard colour: fluorescent yellow

    Reflector strips

    Inner Shell

    All mounting parts can be replaced

    Size adjustment

    Neck protector

    Anti-rain lip

    Suitable for contact microphone

  • Colors
    PF 1000 Extreme, noctilucent silber
    Art.Nr: 8.1001.11
    PF 1000 Extreme, neon red
    Art.Nr: 8.1001.13

    Special colors available on request

    PF 1000 Extreme, day glow silver
    Art.Nr: 8.1001.10
    PF 1000 Extreme, red silver
    Art.Nr: 8.1001.14
    PF 1000 Extreme, white silver
    Art.Nr: 8.1001.17
    PF 1000 Extreme, black silver
    Art.Nr: 8.1001.01
  • Video

    CASCO - Vergleichstest Beflammung: PF1000 (EN443) vs. Mitbewerberhelm (EN443)

  • Video product manuals

    PF 1000 Serie - Helm richtig aufsetzen (putting on helmet properly)

    PF 1000 Serie - Innenausstattung Ausbau + Einbau (interior decor disassembly + assembly)

    PF 1000 Serie - Tragehöhe Einstellen (carrying amount adjustment)

    PF 1000 Serie - Multifunktionsadapter Montage (Multifunction adapter assembly)

    PF 1000 Serie - Neck protection Einbau/Ausbau (neck protection assembly/disassembly)

    PF 1000 Serie - Panorama visor Montage (Panoramic face shield assembly)

    PF 1000 Serie - Helmaufbau Einzelschritte
    (structure of helmet)

    PF 1000 Serie - Leichte Bedienung m. Handschuh (easy handling with glove)

    PF 1000 Serie - Stirnpolster Einstellung (forehead pad adjustment)

    PF 1000 Serie - Multifunktionsadapter Demontage (Multifunction adapter disassembly)

    PF 1000 Serie - Nackenberiemung Einstellung
    (neck strap adjustment)

    PF 1000 Serie - Panorama visor Demontage (Panoramic face shield disassembly)

  • Standard

    Standards and approval

    The helmet shown here is a safety product of the CASCO brand and is manufactured according

    Complies to the European safety standard

    Typ B - EN 443:2008

    Fire brigade full safety helmet

    Administrative body


    Identification number: CE 0497

    Usage area

    Versatile lightweight helmet with excellent ventilation. Specially designed for technical help as well as for forest- and wild fire combat.

    Additional requirements

    • Helmet: EN 443:2008
    • - Contact with liquid chemicals
    • - Electric insulation ability E3C***
    • - Approved for indoor fire fighting and training exercises involving heat
    • - Flame Engulfment test for helmet and accessories (DEKRA EXAM Essen)
    • - Temperature rating: 40 KW (280 °C)
    • - Low temperature -40°C
    • - Satisfies the DIN EN 443:2008 standard even WITHOUT the neck protector.
    • - Visor: EN 14458:2018

    Please use the helmet only for sports and areas of application that are approved according to the safety standard on the label inside the helmet and observe the regulations for your country. Please read the instructions for use carefully. Mishandling of the helmet can lead to serious injury or even to death. No longer use the helmet if you have the suspicion the helmet may be damaged, this is especially the case when the helmet was subjected to a blow. The helmet wearer is solely responsible for his actions.

    CASCO International GmbH takes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by inappropriate use of the helmet.

    Helmet Standards in Comparasion

    Fire fighting, technical rescue, forest and wild fire combat


    Norms: EN443:2008

    Fire Fighting
    Type A* + Type B**

    Norms: EN16473:2014

    Techn. rescue
    Type A*

    Norms: EN16471:2014

    Forest- and wild-
    fire combat Type A*
    Heat resistance +++ +++ +++
    Fire resistance +++ + +
    Radiation heat +++ - +
    Protection against hot solids +++ - ++
    Protection against melting metals +++ - -
    Shock absorption test +++ + +
    Perforation test +++ + +
    Lateral deformation +++ ++ -
    Effectiveness of the restraint system +++ +++ +++
    Strength of the restraint system +++ ++ ++
    Electrical properties (E1, E2, E3) +(++)
    +-+ -
    Contact with liquid chemicals (c) (+)
    + -
    Protection against high speed particles +++ +++ -
    Field of view (horizontal/vertical) +++ +++ +++
    Visor / face shield (EN 14458) +++ +++ -
    +++ high   ++ medium   + low   – No request


    Fire fighting, full protection helmet
    Helmet-Typ: B EN443:2008


    Fire fighting half shell helmet
    Helm-Typ: A EN443:2008


    EN16473:2014 techn. Rescue type A*
    EN16471:2014 forest- and wild fire combat type A*

    Panorama visor PPSU
    certificated EN 14458:2018
    (use by fire brigade)
    Eye protection visor
    certificated acc. to EN 14458:2018

    Dutch cloth neck protection with expansion
    5- point snap fastening
    Neck protection leather
    5- point snap fastening
    Neck protection aluminised
    5- point snap fastening
    Neck protection Nomex
    5- point snap fastening
    Adapterset Power Light for PF 1000
    Bracket for flashlight

    Complete interior features packet

    Complete strap set
    Multi-function adapter plate set

  • Test/Experience report
    • CASCO and the city Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

      Since 2014 the rescue service and the fire brigade in Schwäbisch Gmünd are equipped with CASCO helmets. The rescue service uses both the firefighting light helmet PF 100 Rescue as well as the firefighting helmet PF 1000 R, the fire brigade is equipped the high-performance helmet PF 1000 Extreme.

    • Fire brigade Merano relies on CASCO

      In 2015, the firefighting department of Merano (Italy) decided to switch to CASCO. Since then they are using PF 1000 Exteme helmet in neon yellow with the high-performance PPSU visor.

    • Thüringen 6/2015

      Briefly presented - thü under test

      The helmet manufacturer CASCO has provided us with a helmet model type PF 1000 EXTREME for product testing. Together with Timo Steitz from the volunteer fire brigade Themar we have taken a closer look at this fire brigade helmet.
      The CASCO company is a family-run business which was established in 1989 and have since then devoted themselves to the production of safety helmets in a number of areas.

      Initial impression
      The fire brigade helmet CASCO PF 1000 EXTREME makes a solid, modern impression and immediately inspires with its well-designed slimline, ergonomic design. PF 1000 fulfils the high performance norm DIN EN 443:2008, helmet type B. The helmet is further equipped with a drop down eye protection visor (optional) and face shield, which are both fully retractable. Aside from the number of optional neck protection variations available, the PF 1000 features an integrated Nomex neck protector. The inner shell provides a three-dimensional helmet adjustment system. The turning clasp for size adjustment is located at the rear of the helmet between the inner and outer shell and is protected by a magnetic plate.  Further special features include a 3-point chin strap of low flammability with a helmet lock which safely enables one-handed release even when under tension. A number of reflective strips ensure safety in the dark.

      Practical test

      The PF 1000 also draws a positive balance with the wearer thanks to its light weight, which lies at around 1500 g. The head size can be adjusted with relative simplicity and within a short space of time. Communication and use of radio equipment or a mobile phone is equally trouble-free. A positive feature is the easy operation of both eye protection visor and face shield, both of which can be easily dropped down or retracted by means of two levers aligned to the helmet shape.  An aspect which needs some getting used to is the size adjustment turning clasp at the back of the helmet, whereby this clearly assures protection from both mechanical and thermal factors.  Overall, the person carrying out the test soon came to terms with the PF 1000.

      Optional accessories
      The CASCO company offers an additional leather neck guard for the PF 1000, an all-round neck protector (Dutch cloth), an aluminised neck guard and a Nomex neck protector. All of which can be affixed using 5 press button snaps.  The helmet can also be equipped with multifunctional adapter plates, flashlight bracket and UK 4AA ES1 Xenon flashlight.

      The CASCO PF 1000 need not fear comparisons with other manufacturers.  The helmet offers many innovative features and presents itself in a modern and attractive design. Aside from its special features and functionality, this is one of the most slimline helmets on the market. The PF 1000 series fulfils the required norm criteria and  is suitable for use for inside attack.  When drawing comparison to helmets of other manufacturers offering similar features, the PF 1000 EXTREME is acceptably and ppropriately priced. The helmet currently costs around 220,- €, plus VAT. The PF 1000 comes in a variety of colours.

    • Experience report Feuercon

      "This CASCO PF 1000 has been with us at 120 apartment fires and its shell has no damage or reduction despite of intensive stress. We are very satisfied with the quality of helmets and continue to CASCO." mit der Qualität der Helme und setzen weiterhin auf CASCO.“

      Thomas Wieshoff
      Managing partner of Feuercon (firefighting and real fire training)

    • Arkhangelsk city (RUS) and PF 1000 Extreme

      The firefighters of Arkhangelsk city (RUS) are satisfied with CASCO´s PF 1000 Extreme.