Casco Mask 2.0

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    Medical mouth- nasal protection with increased resistance to aerosols.

    • Tested according to EN 14 683:2019 Type IIR: Meets the highest possible level of protection of medical protective masks (OP masks) Type IIR (with >99% BPE filtering)
    • Special feature / purpose of use: Combines the external protection of a medical protective mask with the self-protection of a particle-filtering half mask (FFP mask)
    • Environment & Costs: One mask (with 1 enclosed changeable filter/modular) replaces 480 disposable masks (changeable filter as often as desired)

    CASCO MASK 2.0 BLACK Art.Nr: 08.2020.54
    • 32 €
  • Description

    • - Medical filter mask with higher resistance against aerosols
    • - approved to Standard EN 14683 Type IIR - Complied the highest possible protection category for medical protective mask Typ IIR (with >99% filtering)
    • - extremely light despite complex multi-layer construction
    • - Innovative adjustment system for a comfortable and secure fit of the mask
    • - CASCO NANO FILTER: Type IIR corresponds to the highest bacterial filter performance >99%, filter can be desinfected up to 20 times, recomnmended exchange filter under accessories
    • - the polycarbonate outer skin is completely disinfectable and offers additional protection against liquids
    • - Size: UNI (adjustable)
    • - Made in Europe
    • - One mask replaced 480 disposable masks
    • - Due to the construction and the use of only the smallest metallic parts, the Casco Mask 2. 0 can also be used for medical imaging procedures.


    Polycarbonate in 0.8mm thicknes


    Maximum shelf life of 60 months. The end of their shelf life is indicated on the packaging. The product should be stored in a clean and dry place within a temperature range of -10°C to +50°C, and with a maximum relative humidity of <90%. The original packaging should be used for storage and transport.

    Cleaning & disinfection:

    For cleaning, we recommend mild soap, water and a soft cloth, to avoid scratching! Hard shell can be disinfected with mild, commercially available disinfectants. Face pad washable. Filter can be desinfected up to 20 times with commercially available disinfectants. The complete mask incl. filter can be washed in the washing machine in the bag provided.

    Packing Unit:

    One mask with a replacement filter set


    Our Casco Mask 2.0 cannot be approved according to EN 149 (FFP2/FFP3) due to its modular design with changeable filters. For test purposes, however, we had the Casco Nano filters tested in the laboratory according to the criteria of EN 149 and were able to determine a filter performance of over 98% (for the approval according to EN 149 only 94 % are necessary).

  • Standards

    Approval Standards

    The mask shown here is a product of the CASCO brand and is manufactured according to strict quality controls at our family-owned manufactory in Europe

  • Accessories
    Set of 5 Replacement filter Casco Mask
    Art. Nr. 08.2020.50
    15,80 €
    Replacement filter set Casco Mask 2.0
    Art. Nr. 08.2020.53
    4,70 €