Successful Tour of Hainan for Team La Pomme Marseille´ 13!

After the ninth and last stage of the Tour of Hainan (stage race / China) it´s sure: Julien Antomachi (Team La Pomme Marseille ´ 13/ France) is the overall winner of the Tour of Hainan. But he wasn´t the only successful person: the whole Team La Pomme Marseille ´ 13 wins in the team ranking.


Julien Antomarchi already caught attention by his 2 stage victories during the tour: The 4th stage was slightly hillier as the section the day before. But that couldn´t stop Julien Antomarchi from Team La Pomme Marseille´ 13. With a lead of 2 seconds he won this stage after a hard fight.

The 7th stage was 199 km long. But that couldn´t impress Julien Antomarchi. After a very close match he could win the second time in the Tour.