European Championships Track Cycling in the Caribbean Guadeloupe
Foto: © Wim Hoste

Casco athletes convince on the first day

The trio from Germany became European Champion in the team sprint. In this year the team startet with new members: Joachim Eilers, Tobias Wächter and Robert Förstemann and Germany could win this title the fifth time in a row.

The track team with the four rad-net ROSE team riders Henning Bommel, Theo Reinhardt, Nils Schomber and Kersten Thiele have become Vice-Champion in the 4000 meters team pursuit. The quartet from Germany was leading in the final, when the team from Great Britain turned the tabels two laps before the end. Russia won the bronze medal.

The Olympic and World Champions, Kristina Vogel and Miriam Welte, made second place in the team sprint of the women. The duo from Germany has already been defeated in the qualification by the team from Russia with Anastasiya Voinova who could also win the final team sprint.

Henning Bommel collects bronze in the points race

Henning Bommel won another bronze medal for the German team in the points race. The endurance specialist was only beaten by Benjamin Thomas from France and Liam Bertazzo from Italy.

Some more medals

Joachim Eilers presented a silver medal in the race over 1000 meters time trial. The 24-year-old ranked second before the RusVelo rider Denis Dmitriev. Eric Engler finished as fifth.
There was another bronze medal in the single pursuit for Kersten Thiele. He pointed out his team-mate Nils Schomber on fourth place.
In the short time disciplines Robert Förstemann won the bronze medal after he was beaten by the later European champion Gregory Bauge in the semifinals. The silver medal went to Casco rider Nikita Shurshin from Russia.

The reigning world champion Miriam Welte won the bronze medal in the 500 meters time trial of the women. Anastasiya Voinova from Russia won the title.
Kristina Vogel also became third in the women's sprint, Anastasiya Voinova got her third gold medal. Elena Brezhniva from team RusVelo took second place.

Successful last Championship day

Joachim Eilers won confident in the Keirin race. In the final he could beat Matthijs Buchli from Netherland and Denis Dmitriev from the RusVelo team.
Theo Reinhardt and Leon Rohde just missed a medal. They finished in the madison race at the fourth place.

The reigning world champion Kristina Vogel fulfilled her favorite role and prevailed in the final against Elena Brezhniva from Russia and Shanne Braspennincx from the Netherlands.

Congratulations to all CASCO-athletes!