Domracheva and Vitkova on top
Foto: © NordicFocus

What are the abilities of a world-class athlete? Perhaps, that you never lose sight of winning also when you need to ski four penalty loops. This happened to Darya Domracheva on the final day of the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof, Germany. At the 12.5 km mass start race the Belarus could fight from a position somewhere between 20 and 30 rank back to the top. Domracheva commented on her catching up: "I think it is no surprise to hear again from me; that is one of the rules. After the first prone shooting there were surely feelings like when you leave the shooting range in one of the last positions; they weren´t so nice feelings." However the last training sessions seemed to come to fruition: "I trained very hard on Christmas break and now I have one of the best weeks in my career... Mass start is my favourite discipline because then we have to fight on girls against girls.".

"We are gratified, that also the second place was achieved by a CASCO athlete. Veronika Vitkova from the Czech Republic came in with two penalty loops and completed therewith
her  good result in Oberhof. She said: "The week here in Oberhof was very successful for me and I´m very satisfied with my results."