Norwegians win relay
Foto: © NordicFocus

The Norwegian biathlon men's relay team with Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Johannes Thinges Bö won the 4 x 7.5 km world-cup race in Ruhpolding, ahead of Germany and Russia. Unlike the weather at the women's relay one day before, the men could be confident with dry and hard tracks which enabled a fast race. And in fact the race was fast. Björndalen wasn´t irritated by the fast pace and skied right from the start in the leading group. Björndalen needed a reload at the first shooting, but could remain flawless in the second and took the lead over long distances. Bö started as third Norwegian in second position more than 23 seconds behind the leader. He completely caught up after just 4 km and was at top of a three-men leading group. All in all he needed 3 subsequent loaders and handed over to his team mate Svendsen at the same time as the Germans. Finally Svendsen won the race for Norway.