CASCO athletes successful despite storm
Foto: © NordicFocus

Already the man relay at the biathlon world cup in Antholz (Italy) was dominated by gusts of wind, which made all shooting difficult. Almost no athlete remained flawless. The Norwegians with Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Tarjei und Johannes Thinges Bö only had 5 reloads and won the race. At the women's relay some time later the storm was devastating. The Czech Veronika Soukalova managed to clean prone and took the lead. When she reached the shooting range for the second time, the wind was extraordinary strong. The Czech had to wait and the field could close up. Due to the weather temporarily no biathlete was able to shoot. Some of them considered to ski the five penalty rounds, because the wind didn´t seemed to abate. Soukalova stayed focused and remained patient and cleaned. Finally the Czechs had to give defeat to the Germans. Soukalova said optimistic: "The second place is of course very nice, and gives us great confidence for our World Cup at home in Novä Mesto."