Successful track bike world championship in France
Foto: © Michaela Kühmichel

Right at the first day of the track bike World Championship the Casco-riders secured the first medals. In the men's team sprint Joachim Eilers, René Enders and Robert Förstemann beat Russia and won the bronze medal.In the women's team sprint Anastasia Voinova (RU) ranked with her partner the second place.

Lucas Liß wins gold in the Scratch
Lucasc Liß from the Team Rad-net Rose is the new world champion in Scratch. He presented a strong race and could prevail against the competitors. Ten laps distance to the end and the 23-year-old caught up to a four-person leadership team, attacked in the final round and ranked safety the victory.

Bronze for Miriam Welte
A great success for Miriam Welte was the result of the 500-meter time trial. The defending champion won the bronze medal and was only beaten by Anastasia Voinova from Russia and Anna Meares (AUS). “I ́am super, super happy and very statisfied. It was a big goal for me to get on the podium”, said Welte, not mourning the lost title: ”Anastasia was unbeatable today. More was not in there.”

Medals for Joachim Eilers and Maximilian Beyer
Joachim Eilers started in the 1000-meter time trial and won the second place. In 1:00,294 minutes the 24-year-old was only beaten by the defending champion Francois Pervis (1:00,207) and thus he repeated his success from the previous year. In the points race Maximilian Beyer from the Rad-net ROSE team won the bronze medal. After a late
but extremely strong win of rounds, he finally had 29 points on his account and had only to leave Artur Ershov (RU), who collected 31 points, and Eloy Teruel (ESP) with 30 points go ahead.


Kristina defends gold medalKristina Vogel has successfully defended her title and won the women's sprint. In the final and in two
rounds she prevailed against Elis Ligtlee (Dutch).


Silver for Dmitriev
On the last day, the RusVelo-rider Denis Dmitirev won as well a medal. In the men's sprint he was only beaten by Gregory Bauge (FR) and finished on the second place.

Congratulations to all CASCO athletes!