Boe brothers more than successful at World Championships
Foto: © Nordicfocus

After Johannes Thingnes and Tarjei Boe already won together bronze in the mixed relay at the Biathlon Word Championships in Kontiolahti (Finland), they were again both on the podium after the 10 km sprint race. Tarjei Boe clinched the bronze medal despite a so far harsh season due to several diseases. For that reason he were even happier about his results. The younger of the two brothers Johannes Thingnes Boe won his first gold medal and was overjoyed: "It is crazy getting world champion here. It is the most beautiful feeling to be on the winner's podium together with my brother. Up to now I’ve always won at all my starts here, hopefully this will continue." This statement became prescience, since the Norwegian won also at his third start at the World Championships a medal. In the end of the 12.5 km pursuit race Johannes Thingnes Boe became third and won bronze.

Congratulations to these fabulous result!