Domracheva keeps her nerve
Foto: Kristina Vogel + Miriam Welte © Wim Hoste

Darya Domracheva makes it exciting again in the battle for the overall World Cup victory. She finished third in the women's sprint over 7.5 km at the Biathlon World Cup in Khanty Mansiyk behind her major rivals Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Laura Dahlmeier. Now she is only 9 points ahead. "Darya Domracheva remains relaxed:" I have lost today a few points of my lead, but I will give my very best at the pursuit to win. I won´t let it get to myself now.” And in fact the Belarus was able not to lose her nerve and won the 10 km pursuit race in Khanty-Mansiyk. Therewith Domracheva kept her chance of winning the overall world cup title. She said relieved: "With my victory today I could improve my lead a bit. If I should win tomorrow in the mass start again nobody could contest the overall victory anymore. We are all very tired." Although she could not win at the mass start Domracheva brings the overall World Cup victory in with finishing fourth in the final race of the season. The Czech Gabriela Soukalova could once again be on the podium. She finished second behind the German Laura Dahlmeier.

Thanks to all CASCO athletes for this great season!