Loubet is first at Paris-Camembert
Foto: © Bruno Bade - Paris Camembert

Loubet is first at Paris-Camembert Julien Loubet of the French Team Marseille 13 KTM won the 5th stage of the French Cup. The 202 km long race from Paris to Camembert was decided on the last 50 km, when the breakaway has been caught up again by the bunch. Many riders tried to break away from the main field, but without success. Finally Julien Loubet created a small group of 7 athletes 20 km away from the arrival in “Mur des Champeaux”. Loubet was able to go again away with rival Pierrick Fédrigo (Bretagne Séché Environnement). Both could stay in the lead, while the 5 other riders were caught up by the peloton. Then the fight between Loubet and Fédrigo started. During 9 hard seconds they fought for the victory.

Loubet was stronger in the end and won his first race.