Two victories in a day for team Mangertseder
Franziska Brauße in Oberwangen © Breitenfellner, Team Mangertseder

The team Mangertseder (juniors of WRSV) started on Sunday with two races and both times it was a victory.

Franziska Brausse won the “17th Raiffeisen Grand Prix Oberwangen“ in Switzerland. The 17-year old driver dominated in the circuit race over 51.5 km and won the final sprint against her own team mates and the competitors.

Almost at the same time other team members convinced at “52. Rosenheimer Straßenpreis”. The mountainous circuit race over 45 kilometers suited Anna-Lena Nowak very well. Already in the first round and together with some riders of the women category she left the other riders behind her. So she won sovereign the race in the juniors category. Beyond her Amelie Peiker and Anna Badegruber drove a controlled race in the peloton. Peiker sprinted in the chasing group on the 2nd and Badegruber on the 3rd place overall.