Successful races for Team RusVelo
Sergey Firsanov © RusVelo

Balykin wins Maykop - Ulyap - Maykop

Beating Timofey Kritskiy in a two-man sprint RusVelo rider Ivan Balykin won the race of Maykop (Russia, Cat. 1.2). Balykin's teammate Roman Maikin rounded off the great result with finishing as third. The race took place on a predominantly flat 171 km-long course with start/ finish in Maykop over Uliap.

Sergey Firsanov wins Grand Prix of Adygeya

RusVelo rider Sergey Firsanov won the general classification of Grand Prix of Adygeya (Russia, Cat. 2.2) in the mountains of Caucasus. He took over the yellow jersey by
winning stage 3 and held on to it placing third in the last stage.

Roman Maikin 3rd in Tour of Croatia Roman

Maikin (Team RusVelo) became third in the points standings of the race Tour of Croatia (Cat. 2.1). Already during the whole Tour, consisting of 5 stages, Roman Maikin convinced: both in the 2nd stage and in the 5th stage he came in at the third place.
But as well the team RusVelo was successful: in the team standings it was 3rd.


All races are part of the UCI Europe tour.