CASCO athletes dominate / successful German Championships UCI track cycling 2014
Foto: ©Michael Deines/ Promediafoto

Successful German Championships UCI track cycling in Cottbus 2014

Fifth title in a row for Kristina Vogel in the Sprint

Kristina Vogel won the title in the Sprint as expected for the fifth time in a row. The 23-year-old prevailed in the final against her team sprint colleague Miriam Welte. Sabina Ossyra took the third place.

Victory for favourite in the men's Team Sprint : René Enders, Robert Förstemann and Maximilian Dörnbach from Thuringia prevailed in 1:01,23 minutes slightly against the track team from Brandenburg (1: 01,31). Third place went to the team from Schwerin with Stefan Nimke.

In the 4000-meter-single pursuit competition Domenic Weinstein from the rad-net ROSE team won for the first time. The national rider defeated his team-mate Moritz Schaffner (4: 3375) in 4:32,53 minutes. Leif Lampater finished as third.

In the 3000-meter-single pursuit competition of women Stephanie Pohl won for the second time after 2011. The woman from Cottbus prevailed in 3:52,84 minutes against Anna Knauer (3:54,32). Tatjana Paller (3: 59,39) won the bronze medal.

Gold for Miriam Welte in time-trial

Over 500 meters the world champion Miriam Welte secured, as in the previous year, the gold medal. After she had prevailed in 34,423 seconds ahead of Kristina Vogel (34,744) and Gudrun Stock (38,370).

In the 1000-meters-time trial Eric Engler from Cottbus stepped in the footsteps of his club-mate Maximilian Levy. Eric Engler won in 1:03,709 minutes and secured the title for the second time after 2011. Joachim Eilers from Chemnitz finished second in 1:04,096 minutes. Title holder Maximilian Levy reached third place in 1:04,607 minutes. The four-time world champion celebrated his successful comeback after over six months of injury.

Sprint gold for Stefan Bötticher

Stefan Bötticher claimed the title in the Sprint .The man from Chemnitz competed against the title holder Robert Förstemann. The bronze medal went to Tobias Wächter.

Kristina Vogel won the women's Keirin. After the Sprint, it was already the second title in Cottbus for the 23-year-old from Erfurt. Miriam Welte was second, Sabina Ossyra was third.

Again gold for Kristina Vogel and Stefan Bötticher

After gold in Sprint and Keirin Kristina Vogel secured the title in the team Sprint at the final day of the German Championships. With her new partner Doreen Heinze, the duo beat in 45,857 seconds Emma Hinze/Miriam Welte in 46,206 in the final heat.

After winning the Sprint title Stefan Bötticher also claimed the gold medal in Keirin and won ahead of Marc Schröder and Robert Förstemann.

Local hero Stephanie Pohl from Cottbus prevailed in the points race. The Vice World Champion won with 70 points ahead of Anna Knauer (53) and Gudrun Stock (25).

In the men's points race Leon Rohde won with 20 points barely ahead of Achim Burkart (19) and Nico Heßlich (19).