German Championships UCI track cycling 2015
Foto: Team Rad-net Rose © Michael Deines Promediafoto

The 129.German track cycling Championships took place in Berlin.

Domenic Weinstein defends title in single pursuit

Rad-net ROSE athlete Domenic Weinstein is old and new German Champion in the single pursuit. In the grand finale, he gave Leon R. Rohde no chance and defended his title in 4:21,991 minutes by a lead of 1.2 seconds.

Maximilian Levy convinced in Sprint

For the first time in his career Maximilian Levy won the national title in the sprint discipline. The four-time World Champion dominated in the final against Robert Förstemann. Third place went to René Enders.

World Champion Kristina Vogel fulfilled her role as a favorite, and once again she won the title in the sprint. The 24-year-old won the final against Jo Ellen Look and repeated her success from the previous year.

Team sprint

The track-team Brandenburg with Robert Förstemann, Eric Engler, Robert Kanter and Tobias Wächter won in a time of 44 sec the team sprint, ahead of the sprint team Thuringia with René Enders and Maximilian Dörnbach. The third place went to Stefan Nimke and his team.

Kristina Vogel and Gudrun Stock won the women's final in 35,431 seconds, before Miriam Welte and Lisa Klein.


Maximilian Dörnbach and Kristina Vogel win time trial

Surprisingly Maximilian Dörnbach won the 1000 meter time trial. The 19-year-old finished the race in 1:01,824 minutes before Maximilian Levy who was second like in the last year. Eric Engler, winner from the last year, finished as third.

Kristina Vogel won the 500-meter time trial for the first time in her career. The 24-year-old won with a personal best of 34,054 seconds. Defending champion and former world champion Miriam Welte took the second place.

Miriam Welte and Maximilan Levy win trophies in the keirin

Miriam Welte won the title in the keirin. The team sprint Olympic Champion of 2012 convinced in the final and left Jo Ellen Look and Gudrun Stock behind her. Defending champion Kristina Vogel was disqualified.

In the final, Maximilian Levy drove his own tactics and won the men´s keirin. Teammate Erik Balzer was happy at the end about the Bronze medal and Maximilian Dörnbach finished as second.

Double victory in the team pursuit

The rad-net ROSE team has successfully defended his title in the team pursuit and was even able to celebrate a double win, because the team started with two teams in the competition and both reached the grand finale.

At the end the team of Henning Bommel, Theo Reinhardt, Nils Schomber und Domenic Weinstein won in 4: 03,735 minutes against the second rad-net Rose team with Maximilian Beyer, Michel Koch, Marco Mathis and Kersten Thiele (4: 06,943).


Just like the elite athletes the team Mangertseder, Juniors of the Wuerttemberg Cycling Association, won 6 medals - a nice number of precious metal:

Katja Breitenfellner won in the 2000 m individual pursuit the silver medal and her teammate Laura Süßemilch the bronze medal.

In the points race, Laura Süßemilch had after a great race 32 points on her account and won the Gold Medal with four points ahead the other competitors. In the last lap Katja Breitenfellner pushed herself to the podium and won with 24 points the bronze medal.

In the 4000 m team pursuit Franziska Brauße, Katja Breitenfellner, Isabell Linda Seif und Laura Süßemilch could increase again towards the qualifying and won in a time of 4: 53,203.

Franziska Brauße started with Sarah Wolfer in Team Sprint of U17/U19. In the small final they won together the bronze medal.