Second place (AG) for Svenja Thoes at IM Zell am See

After a hot race with temperatures of almost 35°C Svenja Thoes was after exactly four hours, 52 minutes and 35 seconds able to celebrate a big success in her career. She managed it Ironman Zell am See in her age group of 18- to 24-year-olds to finish at the second place. Since at the event, the world champions have been identified, she now can call herself vice world champion. Faster than Svenja Thoes was only Lucy Charles (GB).


After the start Svenja Thoes came after 29 min out of the water and was at this time at No. 20. The bicycle part was a lot better. On the route she caught up and changed as third to the running part. The running performance was enough to overtake the American Laurence Delisle.