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    The extremely compact form promotes manoeuvrability for tactical one-on-one duels.

    • WARP SPRINT US Art.Nr:1532.US
    • 300 €
    • Size: 52-57 cm = M, 58-62 cm = L

    • Adaptive aerodynamics:
    • Adaptive since the aero- dynamics adjust to the athlete‘s body position and head posture, delivering outstanding performance in any position.

    • Helmet shape to promote airflow through sophisticated double-shell construction. Multiple break-away edge on rear cuts air resistance. Flow channels optimise air flow.
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    Spirit-6 Crystal | Casco Helme

    Disc Fit Vario - richtig einstellen (how to operate)

    Disk Fit Vario - Einbau (Assembly)

  • Standard

    Approval Standards

    The helmet shown here is a safety product of the CASCO brand and is manufactured according to strict quality controls at our family-owned manufactory in Europe. Please use the helmet only for sports and areas of application that are approved according to the safety standard on the label inside the helmet and observe the regulations for your country.
    Please read the instructions for use carefully. Mishandling of the helmet can lead to serious injury or even to death. No longer use the helmet if you have the suspicion the helmet may be damaged, this is especially the case when the helmet was subjected to a blow. The helmet wearer is solely responsible for his actions. CASCO International GmbH takes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by inappropriate use of the helmet.

    Complies to the European regulation


    There is an alternative helmet with CPSC bicycle helmet standard (USA) available. This includes the ASTM 1849 (short track speed skating on ice and road) norm. The production of this variation is done according to ISO Norm.

    WARPsprint US (incl. visor)
    Art. Nr.: 04.1532.(size) US
    Please note that different countries and sports may have different safety standards. You are responsible to check carefully the particular requirements and buy/sell accordingly.